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about popup message

15 Jun 2017 16:33


May I ask a popup message of Migration tool

as follow message

Migration tool has disabled this simulator to prevent corruption of configuration files. To run this simulator, set it as target in Migration tool

I don't know how to do, can you show me the way?

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Re: about popup message

17 Jun 2017 22:49

Disable redirection in Migration Tool.
If that does not help, open a recent backup, find subfolder Root, and copy the program file back to simulator's folder.
Backups are at C:\Program Files (x86)\Flightsim Estonia\Migration Tool\Backups.

For example, if FSX is showing this message,  open backups folder, open a recent FSX backup, then folder Root, and copy fsx.exe to FSX folder.

Migration Tool will soon automate it and do that on its own when necessary.